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Trade Credit & Political Risk

Get the global protections you need.


Whether you need protection against nonpayment due to credit risks or nonpayment due to foreign political events, it’s clear today that adding business risk management experts to your team is critical. IOA advisors will examine your exposure in the global marketplace and design a special risk mitigation program just for your needs.

Trade Credit

Companies that sell goods and services on credit terms are exposed to the risk of nonpayment. For those dealing with international exports, this coverage becomes even more important. You need protection against nonpayment resulting from credit risks such as insolvency, default, and bankruptcy.

Political Risk

When you deal with foreign countries, especially in emerging markets, you expose your operations to the additional risks related to unpredictable foreign governments and their political events. When the unforeseen occurs, you need to protect your company against loss. 

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Who can benefit?
  • Banks
  • Commodity traders
  • Exporters
  • Financial institutions
  • Foreign investors
  • Importers

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