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Get win-win protection for your insurance company.


Reinsurance, also known as insurance for insurers, is an important mechanism in the insurance industry to spread the risk of loss, and it is an important part of the capital structure of insurance carriers. You’re all about protecting other businesses from risk, but you also must make sure your business is protected against loss exposure.

Reinsurers provide a large number of policies for insurers, which means they have the advantage of seeing the new losses that are emerging and how they are being handled. They are able to provide insurers with advice on claims handling, exclusion, policy language, and risk management overall.

No matter the type of provider your are, be sure to meet with an IOA advisor to discuss how to protect your business from exposures today and in the future.

Advantages of Reinsurance
  • Capacity options
  • Capital stabilization
  • Catastrophe management
  • Consumer Confidence
  • Financial flexibility
  • Underwriting assistance
  • Withdrawal

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