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Claims Solutions

Get access to the information you need to stay on top of claims.

Claims Advocates

Our all lines-licensed adjusters assist clients with the claims management process and advocate not only for the injured employee’s best interests but also that of the employer. They play a proactive part in helping to navigate and manage the complex claims process.

Our life-of-claim strategy means that we monitor your claims from start to finish ensuring all parties stay on top of activity. The claims strategy and preventative approach are outlined through trend identification.  We also make OHSA reporting easy and provide guidance for proper reporting techniques.

Claims Management Portal

IOA’s proprietary claims management system gives you the ability to better manage your general liability, property, auto, and workers compensation claims. Its workflow engine establishes performance standards based on best practices to ensure that everyone is working together to reduce the cost of claims.

  • Immediate notice of claims to insurance carriers
  • Manager review within 48 hours
  • Proactive claims management utilizing red flags & problematic claims monitoring
  • Transparent claims communications
  • Monthly loss run update

We strive to empower employers to take control of their claims, which reduces the total cost and length of exposure. To learn more about our services and how RiskScore and our exclusive PX4 process can help you start to drive your best results, contact a broker today.

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