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Get the right protections for your business at home and abroad.


IOA will be your home base for your international insurance needs. Our experience in insuring across six different continents has provided us with the tools to protect your business and employees wherever they are.

IOA’s International Desk serves as your global matchmaker. Our team will pair you with the best agents around the world, so no matter where you go you will have an advocate there to help support you. In May 2019, IOA joined an international broker network called AESIS. This group assists IOA in fulfilling your international insurance needs. See below for more information..

No matter where your business grows next, IOA can help provide the products and services that will help you sleep at night.


AESIS Network Logo

IOA is part of a network of superior international agents that adhere to our same dedication to customer service. These international agents assist IOA with global insurance placements to guarantee that your policies comply with the laws of the country. Our connections include both property and casualty and employee benefits agents who are unsurpassed in their field.

Some of the benefits of local agents are:

  • Follows the direction of your IOA agent, so your trusted advocate at home can still support you abroad
  • Gives recommendations on coverages based on the country’s standards
  • Handles claims in the country of origin to ensure swift closures
  • In-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations
  • Offers optional risk management services for your local branches
  • Provide on-site safety training and recommendations

As a part of the network, IOA sends representatives to the annual AESIS conference. These meetings are the foundation of the strong relationships built between IOA and our international partners. One of the goals of this meeting is to workshop the problems that affect the international insurance community. Members share advice on what has worked for them in their international dealings, helping the organization to continue to be the best at what they do.

The value of IOA’s affiliation with this network is that we choose the broker that is the perfect fit for your company, even if they are not a network member. Most other large agencies are required to use the agents located in their global branches, regardless of whether or not they are the best agent for you. We have the flexibility to work outside of our network, so you always have the right agent on the job.

UNIBA Partners

UNIBA LogoIOA has strengthened its global operations by joining UNIBA Partners, the client-centric global network of independent brokers. One of the oldest and largest broking networks, UNIBA Partners provides a dedicated, high-quality infrastructure for ensuring excellent client service regardless of location in over 130 countries.

UNIBA provides a long-term, stable network that helps IOA to professionally place our clients’ international policies. They provide professionalism and can build programs that help fill the needs of our international clients.

The benefits of international connections
  • Access to in-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations
  • Claims handling in the country of origin to ensure swift resolution
  • Coverage recommendations based on each country’s standards
  • International agents that follow the direction of your IOA agent
  • On-site safety training and recommendations
  • Optional risk management services for your local branches

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