Get the right protections for your business at home and abroad.


More and more companies today are conducting business in the global marketplace. Whether you are operating all over the world or have limited international dealings, you encounter risk exposures that are specific and unique. Because of the changing international landscape, you face a complicated mix of exposures and coverages.

You need insurance that will follow your business and your employees no matter where they go. That’s why its important to get with an IOA expert today who can analyze the risks you face and craft the right program for your needs.

You should consider international coverage if:
  • You have a payroll outside of the U.S.
  • You work with foreign suppliers
  • Your employees travel overseas often
  • You sell products on the internet
  • You have overseas facilities
  • You have licensing globally
  • You subcontract with foreign parties
  • You have foreign joint ventures

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