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Get focused on strengthening the right areas to realize true cost reduction.


You need to lower your risk, your claims and your premiums. That’s where IOA experts and RiskScore® come in.

RiskScore is like a credit score for your business. It identifies your strengths and opportunities in four key risk areas. Through this understanding, we implement industry best practices to eliminate some of the cause of your exposures at their core. The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete and focuses on four key disciplines called the PX4 process: pre-hire, post hire, pre-claim, and post claim.

We take your business to market with insurance carriers that provide you with the best coverage at the right price. When accidents happen, we act in your favor throughout the claims process and work with you to decrease the frequency and cost of claims, which ultimately results in money back to your bottom line.

Our risk services team’s proactive approach helps your organization before you have a claim. We advocate for our clients and leverage our many years of experience in guiding our clients through claims.

Employee Benefits RiskScore Process graphic.
RiskScore Benefits
  • Like a credit score, the better your score, the better your terms and conditions.
  • Your internal gap analysis identifies areas of strength and opportunity to build your team.
  • Best practices are identified to help mitigate overall business exposure.
  • Empirical data begins the pre-audit process for underwriters.
Created with Carriers & Industry Leaders
  • Carrier Underwriters
  • Loss Control Specialists
  • Corporate Controllers
  • Professional Risk Managers
The PX4 Process
  • Pre-Hire
  • Post-Offer
  • Pre-Claim
  • Post-Claim

Learn Your RiskScore

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