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Employed Lawyers

Get coverage to ensure you and your in-house counsel are fully protected.


Employed lawyers insurance is designed to protect attorneys working as in-house counsel, their staff, and independent contractors from claims of malpractice or professional liability. In-house counsel does not have to do anything wrong to end up getting sued, and though you may have other policies in place—such as general liability, umbrella, and directors and officers liability—they generally don’t provide complete coverage.

Lawsuits threaten not only your company’s bottom line, but also they can jeopardize your attorney’s personal assets. Get with an IOA advisor to examine your policies and see if an employed lawyer policy makes sense for your organization.

Risk Factors
  • Exorbitant defense costs and out-of-pocket settlements.
  • Unrelated legal malpractice claims from pro bono services or moonlighting.

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