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Financial Security Group

Our flexibility means we can meet your needs no matter where you are in your financial journey.

IOA Offers Individual Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care Solutions

The IOA Financial Security Group offers clients and their employees life, disability, and long-term care insurance to protect and improve their financial future. Complimenting employee benefits, these personalized policies help businesses and individuals reduce, eliminate, and transfer financial risk. We offer solutions in three ways:

  • Instant Issue Life Insurance—User-driven online life insurance selection, application, and binding provides convenient, private purchases to secure same-day coverage in about 15 minutes in a substantial number of cases.
  • Agent Assisted—Clients receive professional support in selecting life, disability and/or long-term care coverage that meets their needs. The insurance agent handles the process of securing the agreed-upon insurance policies based upon the client’s individual circumstances.
  • Select Planning Team—This level of service is designed to provide high net worth clients high-touch consultative service whereby they can access business, estate, and charitable planning insurance policies. This allows them the possibility of systematically enhancing their wealth and overall financial position.

The biggest hurdle many clients face in protecting and growing their financial security is finding time, resources, and a trusted team to help them obtain the most appropriate solutions. We solve that problem through a firmwide approach augmented by collaboration with strategic partners who assist with data, research, product options, and policy servicing.

There are multiple ways to engage with the IOA Financial Security Group—Instant Issue Life Insurance Policies, Agent Assisted, or through our Select Planning Teams. Our flexibility means we can meet your needs no matter where you are in your financial journey.

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The IOA Financial Security Group offers solutions to help clients and their employees protect and improve their financial future through individual life insurance. These are personalized policies, not group benefits, that can be introduced through the workplace. All policies are owned and paid for by participating individuals, and they are portable.

Because of the convenience of online purchasing, people often prefer the Instant Issue Life Insurance policies when purchasing services. Our digital-friendly platform has the following attributes:

  • The consumer drives the process and can complete an online application for a policy quote in minutes.
  • Applications are completed with smartphones 80% of the time. A health questionnaire and background check are performed to determine product types and amounts available.
  • Product availability and coverage amounts are dependent upon underwriting assessment and range in eligible ages from 20 to 60 and coverage amounts ranging from $100K to $3 million.
  • Term life insurance policies with durations of 10, 15, 20, and 30 years.
  • A substantial number of applications are approved within 15 minutes.
  • No medical exams are required for life insurance policies up to $3 million of coverage. Health questions are required. Issuance of the policy may depend upon the answers to the health questions set forth in the application and evidence of insurability.

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IOA Financial Security Group expands the consumer’s ability to obtain much-needed financial protection by serving corporations and individuals and their families through a streamlined process at their convenience.

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The IOA Financial Security Group offers clients and their employees the opportunity to protect and improve their financial future through individual life, disability, and long-term care insurance policies.

There are two ways to secure financial protection solutions: purchase directly online or receive agent assistance to help obtain coverage through individualized consultations. Because of its convenience coupled with professional advice, the agent-assisted option is often preferred.

  • Work directly with our strategic partner
  • Use our insurance professionals, who work directly with the client
  • Work in consultation with our strategic partners to access proprietary resources and support throughout the client process

Using proprietary data, our insurance professionals refine the available products to provide the best solutions for each client’s unique circumstances.

  • Access to term, universal life, whole life, and final expense coverage
  • Disability insurance for individuals, supplemental disability for high-income earners
  • Availability of fixed and indexed annuities
  • Disability insurance may help businesses address needs such as overhead expense, retirement plan protection, buyouts, and loan protection
  • Long-term care policies including traditional, hybrid, and linked products

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Clients consistently indicate they want convenient, professional assistance when choosing the best insurance policies. The IOA Financial Security Group with its agent-assisted option provides consultative advice with the flexibility of meeting virtually or over the phone.

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The IOA Financial Security Group helps business owners, company executives, and other high net worth individuals protect and improve their financial future on a business and personal level. Our high-touch consultative process allows affluent clients to access business, estate, and charitable planning policies, helping them reduce, eliminate, and transfer financial risk.

Our Select Planning Team provides cutting-edge solutions and exquisitely tailored services, including:

  • Insurance products that facilitate business perpetuation:
    • Buy/sell and key man policies may protect businesses in the event of a premature death, disability, or incapacitating illness of an integral partner
    • Disability insurance—permanent, partial, and supplemental
    • Executive bonus plans
  • Formal and informal business valuation resources
  • Insurance products that may supplement and helps clients enhance their legacy for heirs or charity
  • Life Insurance policies may be used to build a supplement a stream of income
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Legal, tax, and financial planning referrals available for advising clients

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We go beyond the provision of mainstream products as the Select Planning Team of insurance professionals works with affluent clients to ascertain goals and advise them on available insurance products. Additionally, we partner with specialty firms for access to A-rated or better carriers that are competent in handling executive and high net worth accounts. As a result, clients are well cared for throughout consultation, life insurance policies implementation, and the claims process.

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 IOA is licensed as an insurance agency in all fifty  (50) states and the District of Columbia. In California, dba IOA Insurance Services. (#0E67768)

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