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Risk Management

Get the solutions you need to lower your risk, your claims, and your premiums.

Experience that gets results.

It is paramount today for leaders not only to manage risk but also to decrease it wherever possible. IOA experts are knowledgeable in providing the best coverages, education, and tools to ensure our clients are ready and equipped no matter the circumstance.

We employ a unique and proactive approach to help each organization before it has a claim. We leverage our team’s deep experience in guiding our clients from the moment a claim occurs through the resolution process.

There are four keys to achieving your goals:

  • Decrease your risk
  • Decrease your cost
  • Decrease your claims
  • Increase profitability
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Risk Management Solutions

Get with a team that will help you reduce your risk and your premiums.

Safety Training and Education

Get the knowledge you need to keep your team injury-free.


Get focused on strengthening the right areas to realize true cost reduction.

Risk Management Tools

Get the right tools so you can get the job done.

Claims Solutions

Get access to the advocates and information you need to stay on top of claims.

Risk Financing

Get the financing that fits your needs.

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