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Cyber Liability

Get help so you can quickly respond when a data breach occurs.


Today, it’s not a matter of if your company or organization will face a cyberattack but more a matter of when. Cyber liability insurance helps businesses to cover the cost of a data security breach so that they can take quick action to not only get back to business as quickly as possible but also restore the public’s confidence.

Cyber liability coverage provides access to professional assistance to help you comply with applicable laws and regulations as well. The best coverage for your business will depend on its level of risk, so it is important to get with an IOA advisor and identify the best solution for you.

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The Department of Labor defines personally identifiable information (PII) as:

Any representation of information that permits the identity of an individual to whom the information applies to be reasonably inferred by either direct or indirect means. Further, PII is defined as information: (i) that directly identifies an individual (e.g., name, address, social security number or other identifying number or code, telephone number, email address, etc.) or (ii) by which an agency intends to identify specific individuals in conjunction with other data elements, i.e., indirect identification. (These data elements may include a combination of gender, race, birth date, geographic indicator, and other descriptors). Additionally, information permitting the physical or online contacting of a specific individual is the same as personally identifiable information. This information can be maintained in either paper, electronic or other media.

What is typically covered?
  • Identity protection solutions
  • Forensic investigations
  • Legal fees and fines
  • Liability
  • Public relations costs

Chances that your business will be hacked

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