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Excess Liability

Get the policy that takes peace of mine one step further.


No one likes to be caught off guard or unprepared when catastrophe strikes. If your insurance policy’s limits are going to be reached and exceeded, it’s typically due to something extreme. When you own a midsize to large business, having the right protections in place ahead of time means you’re prepared when the unexpected happens.

Excess liability insurance provides higher limits once you’ve reached those in your underlying umbrella policy. You can match the standard terms and conditions of your primary and excess polices to make sure you don’t have a coverage gap.

Get with an IOA expert to determine if an excess liability policy makes sense for your business.

What industries are right for this coverage?
  • Construction contractors
  • Distributors
  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Publishing
  • Printers
  • Real estate
  • Retails businesses
  • Wholesalers

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