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Professional Liability (E&O)

Get the confidence in knowing your expertise and service is protected.


Professional liability coverage—also known as professional indemnity insurance or errors and omissions insurance (E&O)—is focused on those people who make a living by providing advice or expertise and the lawsuits they may face. We can help you identify your specific exposures and structure a cost-effective, customized insurance program solution, which includes the appropriate type and limits of E&O insurance.

We’ll analyze and identify your exposures, design solutions just for you, and assist you with every step of the underwriting and claims process through our integrated client services.

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Our Services Include:
  • Trend analysis and financial modeling capabilities
  • National and international insurance carrier relationships, with no geographical boundaries or limitations
  • Continuity of expertise to our clients and the markets
  • Proprietary benchmarking data, providing important information to you in terms of coverage terms, limits, retentions and premiums

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