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Equipment Breakdown

Get your key devices and technology covered before interruption comes your way.


Your business is run with the help of all kinds of technology and devices. When things don’t go smoothly, you need to be prepared to get things up and running as quickly as possible. You also want to keep the expense of any interruption in the flow of your business to a minimum.

Equipment breakdown coverage protects you in case of a loss due to mechanical or electrical breakdown of your equipment, e.g., computers, copiers, etc. Often when key devices are not in working order, you have to deal with repairs, down time, extra expenses, and loss of income. These are all protections under this coverage and something you typically won’t find in your other policies.

To manage your potential risks and keep your business running smoothly, be sure to get with an IOA expert.

Types of Covered Equipment
  • Boilers
  • Computers
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Pressure vessels
  • Production machinery
  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment
  • Telecommunications systems

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