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Manufacturing & Distribution

Get with IOA experts to construct the best risk protections for your business.


As IOA’s team of manufacturing experts strive to understand your industry specific concerns and establish achievable objectives, we are continuing to expand our wide range of clients —from privately owned to publicly traded companies. With years of expertise under our belts, IOA’s manufacturing advocates have designed innovative programs customized to overcome your business concerns, such as product liability, real and personal property, business interruption, and brand protection.

Whether you are assembling steel products or cardboard boxes, IOA maintains an intricate knowledge of the exposures and risks related to the manufacturing of a product at the start of one’s supply chain to the distribution and end of that product’s life cycle. Through insightful research regarding current and future liabilities, IOA will manufacture and protect a specific risk transfer program developed just for your business. Our goal is to provide a dependable and sustainable solution for your company’s financial stability, transforming our relationship from the transaction to a long-lasting partnership.

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Our Focus
  • Bailee/Property of others
  • Brand protection
  • Business income/Extra expense
  • Business interruption
  • Extortion and war risks coverage
  • First- and third-party recall coverage
  • General liability
  • Government seizure of plants/products
  • Ocean cargo and transit coverage
  • Product tampering and contamination
  • Products Liability
  • Professional Liability for Design Exposures
  • Real & Personal Property
  • Trade Credit Insurance

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