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General Liability

Get protection tailored to your unique business.


No matter the size of your business, you and your employees need protection in case of a lawsuit. General liability insurance helps by protecting you from those things that can occur as part of doing business. You could have a claim for a slip and fall on a wet floor, be sued for libel or slander due to an advertising error, have a claim for injury resulting from use of your product, or you could even have damage to property you rent.

Your business interacts all day long with contractors, clients, vendors, and employees. Liability claims are a constant possibility, and when they occur, the outcome could be devastating to your business.

IOA experts are knowledgeable risk managers and can work with you to secure tailored solutions for your unique needs. Contact us today so that, instead of worrying about risks, you can get back to growing your business.

Types of Protections
  • Advertising injury
  • Bodily injury
  • Personal injury
  • Property damage

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