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Individual Insurance

When your insurance needs are beyond the typical, we're there.

High & Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

When you need personalized insurance, personalized attention, and experts who know to protect changing and modern affluent lifestyles, you can rest assured that we have the comprehensive offerings you need to cover all you've earned.

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In case the unexpected happens, you want to protect your family's financial future, so it's important to understand your needs and find the right coverage. Our experts help you determine what's best for you and your family so you can leave your loved ones knowing they're protected.

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Term Life

If you're looking for lower cost coverage than traditional life insurance, term life may be right for your family. Speak to your IOA expert today to determine the best coverages, term, and price for your needs.

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Umbrella Liability

Take your insurance coverage and your peace of mind up a notch by adding an umbrella insurance. For those things that are above and beyond the limits of your other policies, an umbrella policy provides coverage for things that may be excluded or when other policies are exhausted.

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Valuable Articles

Whether you have a jewelry, car, fine art, or other type of valuable collection, you have limited coverage under the typical homeowners policy. Our experts help you determine exactly what you need to ensure coverage for all of your assets, no matter how unique.

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