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Wellbeing Solutions

Get your organization's health on track.


The ability of Insurance Office of America to help improve the health of members and to reduce costs enables its clients to leverage their most important asset—their people. We have the tools to assist clients in gathering claims data to positively impact their employee culture by pinpointing cost drivers and aligning their wellness program to meet the group’s health and wellness needs.

Why offer a wellness program?
  • Show your commitment to employee success and wellbeing.
  • Help boost employee morale, productivity, and retention.
  • Provide an opportunity to preserve the generosity of health plans, benefits, and future compensation.
  • Create awareness and provide a platform for employees to increase health knowledge
  • Improve underlying health conditions.
  • Advance behavioural change.
Experience the IOA Difference
  • In-house Wellness Facilitator.
  • Develop, implement, and deliver compliant data-driven wellness programs.
  • Evaluate health and wellness programs to enhance employer engagement and employee experience.
  • RiskScore® advantage.
Employee Benefits Wellbeing graphic.
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