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Our Vision

To be a multi-generational company that exists to protect the dreams of our people and our clients.

Our Mission

To be a company that spans generations by prioritizing the wellbeing and growth of our people and creating exceptional customer experiences.

Our Values

To act with the highest degree of integrity as we focus on our clients and steward the gifts, talents, and resources entrusted to us. Excellence will be our standard as we embrace new and innovative ways as we celebrate our people and their ideas. The cornerstone of our foundation will be our faith, our families, and the fun of living our lifework.

Our 1° Difference

As business leaders and members of the community, we commonly seek advice from those in whom we can trust. Who sits at your table? Why do you seek their counsel? At IOA, we see ourselves as your advocate acting on your behalf similar to a CPA, attorney, financial adviser, or any other trusted partner. Everything we do must bring value to our clients and provide them with an understanding and comfort that we’ve got it so they don’t have to.

We build relationships and truly care about the success of our partners, and not everyone in our industry can honestly say that. Policy-peddling individuals give our industry a reputation for shady, untrustworthy agents who only care about the paycheck. We survive by proving that reputation wrong. In 2013, Insurance Office of America celebrated its 25th anniversary, and in preparation for this landmark, we started discussing how to position our business for the next 25 years. We spent hours and days at IOA’s table rewriting our vision, mission, and values by creating a matrix of our strengths and weaknesses. The results of this exercise allowed us to identify five 1° shifts for our organization to commit to and set us apart from our peers.

We have implemented these five 1° shifts, invested in our people, and have already seen tremendous results. Our people’s ideas and hard work continue to be the fuel for the business, and we will not veer from the core values that have been the foundation of IOA’s rapid growth. We will continue to work on how we can make our organization better tomorrow than it is today so that we can serve our clients as we live out our life’s work. Learn more about IOA and our family of companies. We encourage you to engage our people, discover the difference between what we do, grow your business, and experience an IOA advocate seated at your table.

Our 1-degree shifts change the trajectory of how we shape our next generation. We believe the marketplace and the community we serve will continue to recognize us as ‘set apart’ because of how we live out the potential and power of the 1-degree shift, both individually and as a Company.

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