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Family of Companies

As you come to know Insurance Office of America (IOA), you begin to understand that we do things a little differently. Yes, we are one of the largest privately held insurance brokerages in the United States, but did you know that we also offer a wide variety of partnership services?

Unlike other insurance brokerages, we offer even more opportunities to help you take care of business from coast to coast. Each organization in the IOA Family of Companies shares a commitment to service that is based on integrity and trust. At IOA, we believe that partnerships help every business grow. Each company in our family brings an expertise and a dedication to service that adds value to your association with IOA. By offering this diverse professionalism, we hope to give you the tools you need for increased growth.

Our Family of Companies

Match-Up is a custom merchandise company with in-house design capabilities and purchasing power in top one percent of the industry.

Payroll Office of America provides a state-of-the-art system for online/ cloud benefits management, time-off tracking, web clocks, and more.

Technology Solutions of America focuses on infrastructure, printing services, website design, and overall management of services.

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