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Ross Evans

Insurance Producer

Ross Evans earned his BBA in Risk Management and Insurance from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia. Prior to IOA, he worked with an insurance wholesaler specifically focusing on cyber liability and insurance for technology companies.

Prior to graduation, Ross had experience in the industry on the Eastern Shore of Maryland working with commercial clients that operated in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Ross assisted clients with the marketing of their Property and Casualty Insurance programs with regional and national companies. He worked to ensure that coverage requirements, and desires were properly and cost-effectively met by helping tailor specialized programs for each individual client.

Ross grew up in a rural part of Maryland with close ties to the agricultural industry. His goal is to educate his clients about how a proper balance of Risk Avoidance, Retention and Transfer can be financially beneficial. His prime focus is to provide solutions for his clients so they can get back to their day-to-day business as quick and painlessly as possible.
Ross is actively involved in community service projects. He has attended the Appalachian Service Project for 6 years while working closely with the local coalitions in his hometown to provide for the disabled and under-privileged.

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