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Richard Kerr

Commercial Broker

Since joining IOA in 2011, Richard Kerr has focused on helping clients in Healthcare, Life Science, and Construction industries identify “blind spots” in their risk management program and develop strategies to lower risks, cut costs, and increase profits.

During the early part of his insurance career, Richard was a Claims Adjuster for one of the largest insurance companies in the country. As a Claims Adjuster, Richard would often meet his clients during distressful times. Richard took his responsibility to deliver on the promise made by the insurance company very seriously and would do all he could to help his clients find coverage for their losses.

Richard owned and operated a personal lines insurance agency.  Richard’s experience as a small business owner allows him to relate to the challenges many business owners face as they try to grow their business while managing staff and controlling operating costs. Richard understands how important it is to not only help his clients obtain the coverages that they will need, but also to make sure his clients aren’t overpaying for those coverages.

As an insurance consultant and advocate, it is Richard’s mission to help his clients understand the things that could disrupt their businesses, develop strategies to reduce the risk of those disruptions, and to help his clients find the most cost-effective insurance options to protect their businesses.

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