Damon Olinto

Commercial Insurance Agent

As a former banker, I understand the strain that insurance and workers compensation can be on a company. The lump sum payments and 25% down payments can eat into the company's short term working capital and cause cash flow issues, adding undue pressure on business owners and executives. I joined Insurance Office of America (IOA) over several other offers because this innovative company has the resources, products, risk management expertise and access to carriers to provide the best possible coverage and pricing to our customers. IOA has a network of over 300 agents making it the 11th largest privately held insurance agency in the nation. IOA also has access to over 100 carriers giving us the ability to find the best price and coverage for your business. Our company also has its own payroll service that is extremely competitively priced. This allows us to eliminate the 25% upfront fee for workers compensation and reduce it to only $200. Premiums are paid as payroll is made helping to reduce the risk of a year end audit producing any "surprise" premium increases.

Our goal at IOA is to create a lasting relationship with our customers by delivering value added service and products that help you grow and protect your business!