CJ Stevens

Risk Solutions Advocate

CJ Stevens joined Insurance Office of America (IOA) in 2021 and is interested in representing companies with any type of maritime exposure, anything from including contractors, clubs, ocean cargo and oil rigs. She strives to bring new insight to her clients through education in risk management and business operations. Clients she works with are marine contractors, boat clubs, marinas, associations, shipbuilders, manufacturers, ship repair, fabricators, ocean cargo transit, shipyards, and oil rigs.

It is extremely important to CJ that she shares a partnership with her clients. Her goals are to help her companies grow and prosper while maintaining stellar safety and business operations. The relationships between her clients is one of trust on both sides. She works hard to make sure the coverage the insured needs due to exposures and contractual obligations are met, and she consults with them on a regular basis regarding possible operational changes.

CJ has helped clients through many hard financial situations and brought them into much better circumstances through her consult and resources. She has been able to help clients develop strong, solid policies with the help of her strong relationships with her underwriters. Providing thorough narratives to underwriters helps her to better mold the coverage to the client rather than the client having to mold change to fit the coverage.

CJ has over 23 years’ experience in the insurance industry and graduated from Keiser College with a degree in Business Administration. She worked her way up from receptionist to her current position with IOA. Having gone through the every step of the ladder better helps assists in the process of writing the coverage for the insured. She currently is an active member of Propeller Club of Port of Tampa, Florida Association of Marine Contractors, Tampa Bay Marine Contractors, Tampa Bay Mariners Club, and Port of Tampa Marine Industries.