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The Producer’s Toolbox for Success

By December 27, 2016December 20th, 2019Blog, Insurance Producers

Toolbox.jpgTo be a successful insurance producer, you need to be equipped with the appropriate tools and resources to serve your clients well. Utilizing the best tools not only makes your job easier and more efficient, but it also allows you to offer the best options available to your clients.

Building Your Toolbox

Creating a toolbox or suite of tools that enables you to offer accurate and fair services to your client will not only increase new client conversions but your renewal rate as well. We’ve compiled a few tools you should have available to you to continue to thrive as a top insurance producer, including:

  1. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
    A CRM allows you to manage information about a client or potential client that can help you convert a sale or renewal. The software, such as SalesForce, stores the information you need to create a better proposal based on preexisting conditions, dependents, long-term goals, and any additional information you may have collected that may be pertinent to the success of your relationship and the conversion.
  2. E-Signature Software
    We live in a mobile world. Our clients and potential clients don’t always want to make a trip to the office to sign paperwork regarding a new policy or claim. To accommodate this lifestyle, producers should have access to e-signature software to acquire signatures on virtual documents as needed. It’s important to ensure your e-signature software is easy to use and highly secure for your clients’ safety and yours.
  3. Marketing Tools
    Marketing tools for social media, email, advertising, fliers, and more can benefit any business. It’s important you have access to marketing software to promote yourself and the agency to your current and potential clients. Email marketing is particularly helpful as you can send automated policy reminders a set amount of time before a client’s renewal or schedule emails to send to check up on your clients throughout their policy period.
  4. Risk Scoring Software
    Risk scoring software reviews a client’s information and their history to identify risk and address areas of concern that help you select the best coverage for the client at the lowest premium available. The evaluation and analysis provided by the software gives you a better understanding of potential exposure to claims and payouts. Additionally, the software helps your clients to identify areas they can work on to improve their score and lower premiums.

The acquisition of such tools is significant to your continued growth and success as an insurance producer. Although it may increase costs, your conversion rates will likely increase and client relations will improve.

Ensure Your Toolbox Is Full

Take the time to learn what tools your company has to offer. If your agency doesn’t offer you at least some of the above, it may be time to look elsewhere. You may find the change in pace or the tools you need at an entrepreneurial or lifestyle agency. Unlike traditional agencies, lifestyle agencies typically offer increased commissions, including comparable commissions for new and renewal business, in addition to equity interest in your book of business, stock options, schedule flexibility, and more.


Download a complimentary copy of “The Top 5 Insurance Agency Tools Important for Producer Success” for more about the tools important to your success. 

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