Insurance Office of America Launches Groundbreaking Insurance Platform for the Mortgage Industry with SimplyIOA

April 5, 2022

New SimplyIOA Platform Integration Means Mortgage Borrowers Can Shop, Compare, and Purchase Home Insurance Seamlessly from a Network of 50+ Carriers in Minutes

Simply IOA LogoLAKE MARY, Fla. (April 5, 2022) – Insurance Office of America (IOA), one of the largest independent insurance brokers in the United States, is excited to announce the unveiling of a new mortgage experience with SimplyIOATM, an insurtech company with the nation’s first fully integrated digital platform for comparing, quoting, and purchasing homeowners insurance completely online in three minutes or less.

SimplyIOA is designed for seamless integration into point of sale systems, loan origination servicing, and self-servicing platforms to ensure today’s borrower receives the maximum coverage for the lowest premium. The industry-leading, patent-pending technology is powered by sophisticated data science and machine learning along with integration into multiple data verification sites to create a best-in-class customer experience. With over 39,000 consumers already using the platform, it has proven to be highly borrower-friendly with a 4.9 out of 5 customer satisfaction score.

“Data-informed decisions and money-saving options are key for borrowers in this environment of ever-increasing insurance rates,” said Brian McDowell, CEO and president of SimplyIOATM. “In today’s market, homebuyers want to find the right insurance coverage from a trusted carrier at good price. They don’t want to waste time chasing down quotes.  The SimplyIOA platform optimizes the buying experience and saves time, allowing customers to quickly review all their needs and have the reassurance that they can choose the most appropriate coverage from the best carrier.”

As part of the IOA family of companies, SimplyIOA is an integrated platform created for both lenders and borrowers. SimplyIOA has stepped into the mortgage industry with the full backing of IOA’s more than $2 billion in premiums. With over 300 insurance carrier relationships developed over the past 34 years, IOA has ushered in a powerful and revolutionary platform with SimplyIOA.

SimplyIOA provides a single solution in a digital application environment, which was previously missing from the borrower experience, and it is poised to become the dominant, digital insurance solution for the mortgage industry.

As lenders seek solutions to improve and expand their capabilities, adapt to consumer expectations, and gain market share, the mortgage origination landscape is becoming more competitive and dynamic. SimplyIOA seeks to facilitate further growth for lenders by combining its insurtech offering with the leading digital mortgage technologies and streamlining services to drive customer value in a cost-effective manner.

“Because we have team members who come from a mortgage technology background with experience integrating large-scale legacy systems with new digital technology, the standard of service for borrowers is high and continues to increase,” said Jeff Ward, CTO of SimplyIOATM. “It is vital for any new technology company entering the mortgage industry to be tech forward but also understand the deep nuances of the mortgage industry itself. That is why SimplyIOA is the best solution available. It’s technology created by mortgage experts and backed by 34 years of insurance experience.”

SimplyIOA is the only platform that can deliver policies 24/7 in a 100% online experience. For those who choose help from a licensed agent, SimplyIOA offers a variety of real-time features like chat, text, video conference, call, or office visit to complete a policy.

“Unlike others in the marketplace, SimplyIOA is the first and only online quote and purchase experience. Because it integrates seamlessly into the home buying journey, it benefits customers and lenders alike, which is a game changer in a market like we’re experiencing today,” said McDowell.



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