Rob Schild

National Staffing Practice Director

Rob Schild is a Risk Consultant & Commercial Insurance Broker at Insurance Office of America (IOA) and is a member of IOA’s Risk Services Department. IOA is a privately held, full service agency with more than 50 offices throughout the United States and Europe. As a trusted advisor and advocate, Rob currently represents staffing clients ranging from $2MM to $250MM in annual payroll. He has established a client facing staffing program focused on positioning his clients as ‘Best in Class’ through identifying and implementing insurance industry accepted best practices. The program has been described as “RCS on steroids” and has been effective in reducing his clients total cost of risk resulting in decreased claims frequency and related costs. Leveraging the program results, leading temporary staffing insurance program managers and underwriters have responded with improved rates, terms, and conditions for his clerical/professional, light industrial, and skilled trade staffing clients.

As you come to know IOA, you begin to understand that we do things a little differently. From the breadth and depth of our products and services to the exceptional customer service we provide, IOA’s goal is to develop long-term relationships with everyone we do business with, including our clients, partners and employees, built on integrity and trust. This philosophy has renewed the faith of many in an industry that traditionally only looks to follow the path of least resistance. You can now have a single, innovative insurance agency to turn to for all your insurance needs as well as a variety of value-added services.


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