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Justin A. Miller

Commercial Producer

Justin began his career early in the aviation industry in his teenage years receiving the highest FAA designation, Airline Transport Pilot (ATP). Justin began flying Learjets at the age of 19 and has since flown almost every make and model of jet, including the Dessault Falcon 2000 aircraft, all with international experience.

At the age of 22, Justin became the chief pilot of Maxor National Pharmacy Services Corporation, an international pharmaceutical company, where he maintained a 15-year employment history and managed the day-to-day operations of the flight department overseeing the training, maintenance, federal and state compliance, aircraft acquisitions, and staff.

Today, Justin uses his organizational, management, and business skills in the commercial insurance industry. Always having a passion for business, he partnered with Insurance Office of America, where he produces and manages higher-risk insurance accounts in the form of aviation and focuses a majority of his time in the amusement park, water park, family entertainment center, and other entertainment/recreation industries.


Justin is the founder and executive director of aviation nonprofit Ministry Wings Aviation, an organization that helps with travel for missionaries in international countries and children and adults who have medical conditions and require private or corporate air transportation. The nonprofit also leases its own aircraft for the needs of others and continues to grow and improve the Empty Flight Plan, a matching application designed to obtain empty seats on corporate aircraft for those in need. It also coordinates and performs airshow events in the Amarillo, TX, area.

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