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Your business is fundamentally different. Anytime you warehouse, handle, process or transport (either directly or indirectly) other people’s property, you have created a unique set of exposures unlike any other type of operation.

But you already knew that. How many agents, brokers or insurance carriers understand that?

Don’t you agree your insurance and risk management program deserves and requires attention from a team who is committed to your industry? A team who understands the nuances inherent in your particular risks? A team who helps you see around the corner?

IOA has become a recognized insurance broker providing risk management and insurance solutions to the logistics industry. With applied leadership and an established global network, our team of warehousing and logistics experts have created a large portfolio of clients ranging from privately-owned companies to publicly-traded companies. These include a wide variety of third party logistics operations involved in storage, handling, fulfillment, pick-pack, and filling, local, intermediate and long haul trucking operations, freight brokering, and freight forwarding.

IOA insures warehousing operations involved with all types of commodities including difficult ones such as hazardous, flammables, chemicals and live ammunition. We take pride in designing unique coverages specifically tailored to your company-not a generic one-product-fits-all approach.Through continuing education and involvement in numerous industry associations, IOA is committed to staying abreast of the latest hot topics and ever changing risks within the logistics arena. We also have key relationships and strategic alliances with the country’s leading logistics insurance, risk management, legal and risk control experts. With IOA, it is easier to make things happen.

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Our International Coverages

  • Property
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Auto
  • Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation
  • Repatriation Expense

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