PEO | Employee Leasing

  • Some are limited by single locations
  • Some are limited by the type of client they serve
  • Some do not even allow the sale of PEO or ASO to their client base

A PEO is a community of small to midsized businesses brought together by the PEO

This creates two components:

  • The PEO as the consolidator and their client companies
  • The ability to serve at both levels is critical for an agent to truly provide full service, added-value and partnership to the PEO

IOA Characteristics

Client Base / Type of business:

  • Our average client is very similar in size to that of your PEO
  • IOA’s core business is middle market / small business, which translates into a large base of opportunity to promote the sale of your services thus supporting your revenue goals
  • Our risk financing expertise, market knowledge, revenue source, risk services infrastructure, and client centric approach to PEO’s strategic objectives is why we are very successful in writing PEO insurance


  • We are local (all over the state and beyond) which translates into feet on the ground, face- to-face engagement where the clients live)
  • That means knowing the area and climate that our clients work in

We understand PEO:

  • We have experience in your business
  • We write the insurance for PEO’s while also having worked for PEO’s and Insurance Carriers who write PEO’s or consulted for PEO’s, both existing and start up
  • That means we understand the cycle of your business. That also means we understand the advantages YOU bring to the table for the average business


  • We are well suited to help you grow, well stocked with a wealth of services custom-tailored for your insurance and risk management needs
  • We continue to expand outside of the state of Florida, adding offices across the country and with one recently opened office in London
  • We are the 3rd fastest growing agency in the Nation and will get you set up with the right partners in each of our offices, in any state you wish to write business


  • We support your revenue goals by better understanding your concerns and collaborating to establish attainable objectives
  • We sell PEO and have PEO reps on board to help our other 215 agents sell the PEO advantages when the opportunity arises
  • We can also carve out the work comp deals you may not want or can’t get approved in your master program with local expertise and market knowledge and clout

Client Loyalty:

  • We have a culture based on pursuing client loyalty beyond client satisfaction, where we develop a compensation plan to back it up
  • We stay engaged with our clients
  • Our producers earn the same to renew an account that they earn to write new business
  • Most agencies pay half for renewals thus eroding the money motivation to work the renewal
  • Our agents own their own books of business meaning they have more than a commissioned motivation for client retention and satisfaction

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