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When conducting business between three parties, a vital layer of protection for all involved is securing detailed obligations with a bond. Just as there is an abundance of third party business relationships, there are a number of bonds IOA can provide. Our people are experienced and have many years of experience working with clients to find solutions for their needs.

Our foundation rests on a fervent dedication to our clients and financial stability, enabling IOA to stand behind you as your company conducts the business it desires. IOA offers contract bonds for the construction industry as well as a wide-range of commercial products, including: public official, judicial, license, permit and miscellaneous surety. With our diverse line of surety markets, IOA can serve you a variety of solutions.

CLICK HERE to see a list of the type of bonds that IOA offers.

Each IOA Bond Agent is a surety bond professional who specializes in providing surety bonds for construction and other commercial purposes to companies and individuals needing the assurance offered of surety bonds. Collectively, the IOA Bond Agents have a broad knowledge of the surety marketplace, the business strategies and underwriting differences among surety companies. As trusted advisors, our professional surety bond agents act in many key roles to position their clients to meet the underwriting requirements for surety credit.

For more information on the IOA Bonds Department and Types of Bonds offered, contact Bonnie Robbins at (407) 998-4278 or

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