Property & Casualty

Alternative Risk Financing

It is IOA’s goal to provide creative Risk Financing Programs to meet the strategic needs of our clients as an Alternative to Traditional Insurance. We carefully determine and assess the needs of your operations, and develop tailor-made solutions. Our objective is to reduce the “Cost-of-Risk” for our clients while providing sufficient protection of assets.

Product types are as follows:

  • Large Deductible Programs
  • Self-Insured Retention Plans
  • Qualified Self Insurance
  • Retrospective Rating Plans
  • Captives (all types…based upon client need)
  • Deductible Buyback/Deductible Reimbursement Policies
  • Loss Portfolio Transfers
  • Capital Market Consideration
  • Uninsurable Exposures
  • Matching Deductibles
  • “Discounted” Guaranteed Cost Plans
  • Warranty Programs
  • Program Development and Formation
  • Loss Forecasting Capabilities
  • Collateral Reviews

Captive Management

Our Captive experts consult on the formation, implementation and ongoing renewals for the complex and technical aspects of captive programs. We work with you to determine which captive management company, domicile and services best fit your needs.

The model of our Captive group is objective and collaborative. And, since our group does not act as a separate profit center, you may consult our team members as often as necessary to navigate your way through each step of the process.

You will benefit from our expertise in:

  • Allocation Methodologies
  • Arrangement for Marketing Reinsurance
  • Excess Reinsurance Placements
  • Financial Reporting Consultation
  • Insurance Policy Consultation
  • Loss Portfolio Transfers
  • Premium Recommendations
  • Process Planning

We have experience with the following Captive domiciles:


We put a strong emphasis on our high level of analytical ability and we constantly strive to exceed expectations, offering a flexible, innovative and ‘can do’ approach.


In a constantly changing world, managing casualty-related exposure can be a complex and time consuming process. With our experience, IOA helps organizations to efficiently identify and effectively manage the risks they face.


A successful casualty insurance program can only be created with a deep understanding of all the risks that challenge an organization. Our assessment identifies your ideal level of risk retention and applies the right level of protection.


IOA actively provides casualty risk management services for a significant variety of industries. We apply this experience to every program we create, ensuring your casualty insurance program is customized to a very high degree.


Our programs focus on the objectives and issues that face an organization. Rather than generalizing about the needs of a particular industry, our casualty insurance programs are tailored to match your organization’s day-to-day activities.


Any casualty risk management insurance program we create needs to grow with your business, so we work hard to facilitate effective communication with you.

Executive & Financial Risks

With the advent of corporate governance requirements and the desire to achieve best practice, the boundaries of (and the requirements for) risk management have been changed. Therefore, understanding and managing business exposures, whether financial or operational, is a fundamental requirement of good business practice.

At IOA, we believe in providing the most appropriate services to meet your needs of risk reduction. Our specialists invest their efforts, skills and experience into developing a sound understanding of your organization and it is our aim to:

  • Identify issues that could negatively impact your company’s financial performance
  • Educate your executive management team on risk management and risk transfer solutions to those issues
  • Differentiate your company to the underwriting community in order to obtain optimal risk transfer options
  • Provide continuous communication of changes in the legal and regulatory environment that may impact your company

Coverages that provide Cost-effective solutions include:



Professional Liability

Comprehensive Professional Liability Coverage Also known as professional liability insurance, E&O is the core of an effective technology risk management strategy. We can help you identify your specific exposures and structure a cost-effective, customized insurance program solution, which includes the appropriate type and limits of Errors and Omissions insurance.

Key Features and Benefits of E&O Insurance

Some of the E&O services we offer include:

  • Trend analysis and financial modeling capabilities
  • National and international insurance carrier relationships, with no geographical boundaries or limitations
  • Continuity of expertise to our clients and the markets
  • Proprietary benchmarking data, providing important information to you in terms of coverage terms, limits, retentions and premiums

This allows us to effectively analyze and identify your exposure, design professional liability insurance solutions and assist you with every step of the underwriting and claims process through our integrated client services.


Many organizations question whether their existing property program has adequate coverage or are they underinsured?  With IOA, there is a better way to manage the organization’s assets, balance sheet, and growth while reducing high premium costs.IOA assures you of the best available property insurance rates and terms because of our access to markets and our relationships with property underwriters.

Through every step of the assessment process, you benefit from the trusted advice of our property risk management specialists. We determine the efficiency of your existing program’s design, terms, limits, structure, and retention. We accurately analyze your property risks in order to uncover opportunities to meet your business goals and reduce your costs.

We lower costs through economies of scale, creative alternative risk transfer, and marketplace repositioning. By analyzing your risks more accurately, we ensure you pay only for the property coverage you require.

Property & Casualty Insurance

We take your business to market with insurance carriers that provide you with the best coverage at the right price. When accidents do happen we will act in your favor throughout the claims process. We work with you to decrease the frequency and cost of claims that ultimately results in money back to your bottom line. Do you know your RiskScore®?risk-score-graphic

Risk Services

Our Risk Services team has a proactive approach to help your organization before you have a claim. We advocate for our clients and leverage the many years of experience our team has guiding our clients through claims.

Do you know your RiskScore®?

RiskScore® is like a credit score for your business and it identifies your strengths and weaknesses in 4 key risk areas. Through this understanding we implement industry best practices to eliminate some of the cause of these exposures at their core. The survey is quick, easy, and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Learn More

The PX4 Process

We believe that understanding and managing your organizations risk, is the best way to become “Best in Class.” The PX4 Process is a proven method to help deliver an understanding through four specific areas of your business which will outline the best proactive plan for change. IOA Certified RiskScore® Partners understand the importance of managing risk, which is why we offer proactive claims management and well-defined safety programs. IOA has committed itself to provide proprietary programs that focus on Claims Management via the Claims Portal and IOA All Lines Licensed Claims Consultants and Risk Management via (RiskScore®, Learning Management System & PX4 Process). The PX4 Process is a proven way we identify your strengths and weaknesses in four key areas. We then implement a schedule of services to address the weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Risk Management Training

We provide quarterly MyWave training and employer education training via webinar on a variety of topics for your team. Our producer lead PX4 implementation assistance will also guide you in which areas to focus your efforts. Need a resource? Have the access and quick ability to search our resource library with state specific claims kits (as available), payroll stuffers with accident disclaimer, Industry specific training resources, and more.

Learning Management System

The LMS offers over 150 courses varying from HR, Wellness, Customer Service, OSHA and Safety Course titles are offered in both English and Spanish. Training is stored “in the cloud” and accessible anywhere. The tool organizes both live and online training in one place. The custom domain is branded to each individual company and the employer developed training programs based off of group, job type, and individual. Reporting allows easy follow up, certification of completion and usage of the modules.

Claims Portal

IOA has developed a proprietary claims management system which gives you the ability to manage your claims. Our claims reporting and tracking system also allows single entry for your OSHA logs. Our proprietary workflow engine establishes performance standards based on best practices to ensure that everyone is working together to reduce the cost of the claim. We can have our internal claims team monitor the claims to ensure all parties are staying on top of the claim.

Claims Advocacy

IOA’s all lines licensed adjusters assist our clients with the claims management process.  They actively advocate for injured employees and employers best interest to help proactively manage the burdensome claims process.  Their goal is to empower employers to through a claim event which will reduce cost, length of exposure, and explain the complex claim process.

Contact your IOA advocate to learn more about your RiskScore® and start the PX4 Process that drives results!


IOA’s leadership in Surety is based on unparalleled experience and expertise, coupled with advanced, proprietary software and a unique ability to solidify relationships and trust among the parties involved in the bonding process. We have forged strong partnerships with leading insurance/surety companies. Our in-depth knowledge of bonding provides us with the ability to meet your demands and important time constraints. IOA’s capabilities range from bonding of very large-scale public or private construction projects to one-time performance agreements dictated by statute or legal judgment.

The IOA surety team members are dedicated to their client assignments. We are able to handle your most involved and specialized bond needs and we are structured to deliver superior service, even if many bonds are spread between contract and commercial, national and international.

We start by meeting with you for an extensive orientation and planning session, where we listen to your needs and review your current handling procedures. We then take what we’ve learned, and develop a plan which provides for more effective, streamlined solutions centered on your needs and specific service demands.

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