A #1 Best Seller “Accidents Waiting to Happen”

Rick Dalrymple’s book, “Accidents Waiting to Happen,” published in May 2013, has become an Amazon.com category #1 Best Seller in the Insurance Liability and a #13 best seller in Risk Management on October 22nd, 2014.
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As a co-founder of RiskScore®, and partner of IOA the Risk Services team Rick has been a tremendous contributor to the departments overall success.  Rick and the team are driving results for clients nationwide. Rick serves clients in a vast array of industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, retail, wholesale and construction. More than just a risk services broker, Rick is also a speaker, focusing on teaching businesses how to avoid business risk that affects profitability. Rick uses the “RiskScore® system to reduce their operational risk and a client’s employee turnover. With over 40 offices across the country, his firm has educated leaders in over 50 industries on how to lower the frequency and cost of insurance claims. He consults nationally with many CEOs, business leaders and administrative executives on how to lower their “Total Cost of Risk”.

“My 32 years of Risk Management experience has enabled me to blend new relevant cost containment strategies to make you successful in our new economy,” says Rick. “Of the last 50 client’s we’ve tracked on our RiskScore® system, 86% have had a reduction on losses over 50% all in less than 12 months. I’m proud of what our team has built.”

RiskScore® Testimonial

“A Solid Review of techniques that can help companies save money on workers’ compensation and related expenses.” —Kirkus Reviews

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