Engage Our People

What Makes Our People Unique?

We See Ourselves as Advocates

noun; ad■vo■cate – one who speaks or acts in favor of another.

We Take the Greed Out of Business

GreedBusiness-01All too often we hear about agents who say they are there for their client, but unfortunately they tend to neglect them when a bigger fish swims along. Here at IOA, we treat all of our clients the same, no matter their size, or how many years we have done business together. Our commission structure is aligned with our values, and we do not decrease our agents’ commission percentage after the first two years. This incentivizes our agents to work hard and best position their clients’ coverage each year. Our agents own their own book of business, so their focus is client loyalty and growth. The IOA team members that service client accounts also have ownership through an employee stock program, emphasizing personal interest in client success. IOA is privately held, which enables us to focus on what’s important and not have to justify margins to shareholders. Our success has been the result of long-term relationships and referrals that come from our loyal customers. We are determined to take the greed out of the business and replace it with long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

We Invest in Our People

InvestPeople-01-01We recognize that happy and healthy team members provide the best service. Even though we have over 1,000 team members nationwide, we are one family. We look for employees that are passionate about what they do, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and really love their job. At IOA, we provide a fun work atmosphere and opportunity for career growth. With a very generous employee benefits program, retirement plan, on-site gym, and community time, we engage in our team members’ success. We also have a Helping Hands program funded by our agents that assists any employee who may be going through a hard time. How we serve our clients is a reflection of how we serve each other every day in the office.

We Create a Community of Innovation


Now more than ever, in a continuously changing insurance industry, we recognize the need to proactively adapt to best serve our clients year after year. We, as an organization, have to see it, plan it, and DO IT to continue to provide great solutions for our clients. In the fall of 2013, we created an area called Think!Space, and it has provided a birthplace for creative thought, visual narratives, and forward-thinking concepts. Many committees, as a result of these meetings, are proactively molding our current client experience, technology and communication initiatives. We recognize that we don’t know it all individually; however, we know the talents of our people shine most when we are working together. At IOA, we find our freedom and independence in an interdependent community of knowledge that ultimately serves you, our client.

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