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Over the course of many months, more than three hundred IOA team members were asked a number of questions. Questions like: What are the defining characteristics of IOA? What makes us who we are? What sets IOA apart in a world of sameness? Why and for whom does IOA exist? What are those simple yet profound shifts that will define who IOA is becoming as it lives into the next generation? Take a moment and enjoy this short video that brings our story to life through the simplicity of our people’s words and their answers to these questions. They tell the story of IOA.

IOA agents have a vested interest in their book of business, so our focus is the success of our clients. Our 29+ years of growth have been the result of long-term relationships and referrals that come from our loyal customers. We are determined to take the greed out of the business and replace it with genuine relationships with our clients.

We are committed to set ourselves apart from the industry by…


Our Difference

As business leaders and members of the community, we commonly seek advice from those in whom we can trust. Who sits at your table? Why do you seek their council? At IOA, we see ourselves as your advocate acting on your behalf similar to a CPA, attorney, financial adviser or any other trusted partner. Everything we do must bring value to our clients and provide them with an understanding and a comfort that we’ve got it, so they don’t have to.

We build relationships and truly care about the success of our partners, and not everyone in our industry can honestly say that. Policy-peddling individuals give our industry a reputation of shady, untrustworthy agents who only care about the paycheck. We survive by proving that reputation wrong. In 2013, Insurance Office of America celebrated its 25th anniversary, and in preparation of this landmark, we started discussing how to position our business for the next 25 years. We spent hours and days at IOA’s table rewriting our vision, mission, and values by creating a matrix of our strengths and weaknesses. The results of this exercise allowed us to identify five 1° shifts for our organization to commit to and set us apart from our peers.

We have implemented these five 1° shifts, invested in our people, and have already seen tremendous results. Our people’s ideas and hard work continue to be the fuel for the business, and we will not veer from the core values that have been the foundation of IOA’s rapid growth. We will continue to work on how we can make our organization better tomorrow than it is today so that we can serve our clients as we live out our life’s work. Learn more about IOA and our family of companies. I encourage you to engage our people, discover the difference of what we do, grow your business, and experience an IOA advocate seated at your table.


Heath Ritenour





Heath Ritenour

CEO of Insurance Office of America


Our Story

IOA was founded by Valli and John Ritenour in 1988. Their idea was to create a place that clients and employees would never want to leave. Today, the company has over 1,000 employees and is ranked by the Insurance Journal as the 12th largest privately held insurance agency in the nation.

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Our Vision

To be a family of companies that grows and leads the marketplace by serving our clients, our community, and one another.

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Our People

What Makes Our People Unique?

We See Ourselves as Advocates:
noun; ad■vo■cate – one who speaks or acts in favor of another…

We Take the Greed Out of Business

All too often, we hear about agents who say they are there for their clients, but unfortunately, they tend to neglect them when a bigger fish swims along. Here at IOA, we treat all of our clients the same, no matter their size or how many years we have done business together.

We Invest in Our People

We recognize that happy and healthy team members provide the best service. Even though we have over 1,000 team members nationwide, we are one family.

We Create a Community of Innovation

Now, more than ever, in a continuously changing insurance industry, we recognize the need to proactively adapt to best serve our clients year after year. We, as an organization, have to see it, plan it, and DO IT to continue to provide great solutions for our clients.

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Our Leadership

Insurance Office of America’s executive leadership team is comprised of a variety of insurance professionals that work in the business as well as on the business. Many members of our board of directors are licensed and serve their own client base by bringing value consistent with the overall goals of the organization…

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Our Numbers

Insurance Office of America Inc. started in 1988 with $166,000 in revenue. Over the years, through client retention, growth, and the addition of first-class agents, IOA  has grown to $181 million in revenue in 2016 and continues to grow each year.

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