Health Care Reform

As the healthcare landscape continues to transform, IOA promises to stand with you each step of the way. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) represents the most significant health care reform legislation in the history of the United States. Employer-sponsored health plans are facing new dramatic changes and overwhelming challenges. Interpreting and implementing these regulations creates a new set of risks with substantial compliance penalties. This is where we step in.

IOA provides dedicated resources to help you understand PPACA and how it affects your organization. Our commitment goes beyond insurance. We offer a variety of services and resources essential to creating strategic business solutions within the framework of PPACA regulations. We will give you not only give you access to all of our extensive knowledge about the rules and regulations of PPACA, but also give you face to face opportunities with all of our health care experts, finding the perfect solution for your business.

PPACA Services:

health care compliance audit, plan design actuarial value, pay or play modeling, variable employee measurement period consultation, full time employee determination, workforce review and restructuring recommendation, control group analysis, determination of grandfathered plan status, compliance notifications, plan document review.


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