Advocacy Services

With IOA’s innovative approach to supplying your business with an enhanced HR solution, we aim to help companies like yours navigate complicated employee health and benefits issues crucial to a company’s success. Productivity is a leading component of how a business becomes successful, and our advocates passionately work across nearly every industry and coverage line to maximize your company’s overall productivity and success. Our advocacy services take the greed out of insurance by helping you increase the benefit your valued employees receive by implementing industry best practices.

We focus on delivering:

  • High levels of employee and employer satisfaction
  •  Complete end-to-end issue resolution
  • Robust reporting capabilities, including details regarding:
  • Issue volume
  • Resolution time
  • Intervention taken
  • Root cause analysis

Here at IOA, we assure your business is safe with us:

  • Integration with benefits plans and other providers
  • Strong relationships with major health plans, including dedicated customer service support
  • An extensive Quality Assurance Program
  • Minimal implementation time
  • Passionate, highly trained Advocates with extensive health care, claims, and customer service experience

With IOA’s advocacy service, you can trust that you are getting the very best for your company. We pride ourselves on not only making business with you but also building a long-lasting relationship with you. In the end, that’s what it’s all about.

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