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Property & Casualty Insurance

We take your business to market with insurance carriers that provide you with the best coverage at the right price. When accidents do happen, we will act in your favor throughout the claims process. We work with you to decrease the frequency and cost of claims that ultimately results in money back to your bottom line. Do you know your RiskScore®?

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Risk Services

Our Risk Services team has a proactive approach to help your organization before you have a claim. We advocate for our clients and leverage the many years of experience our team has guiding our clients through claims.

Do you know your RiskScore®?

RiskScore® is like a credit score for your business as it identifies your strengths and weaknesses in 4 key risk areas. Through this understanding, we implement industry best practices to eliminate some of the cause of these exposures at their core. The survey is quick, easy, and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

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The PX4 Process

We believe that understanding and managing your organization’s risk, is the best way to become “Best in Class.” The PX4 Process is a proven method to help deliver an understanding through four specific areas of your business, which will outline the best proactive plan for change. IOA Certified RiskScore® Partners understand the importance of managing risk, which is why we offer proactive claims management and well-defined safety programs. IOA has committed itself to providing proprietary programs that focus on Claims Management via the Claims Portal and IOA All Lines Licensed Claims Consultants and Risk Management via (RiskScore®, Learning Management System & PX4 Process). The PX4 Process is a proven way we identify your strengths and weaknesses in four key areas. We then implement a schedule of services to address the weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Risk Management Training

We provide quarterly MyWave training and employer education training via webinar on a variety of topics for your team. Our producer lead PX4 implementation assistance will also guide you in which areas to focus your efforts.  Need a resource? Have the access and quick ability to search our resource library with state specific claims kits (as available), payroll stuffers with accident disclaimer, industry specific training resources, and more.

Learning Management System

The LMS offers over 150 courses varying from HR, Wellness, Customer Service, OSHA and Safety Course titles available in both English and Spanish. Training is stored “in the cloud” and accessible anywhere. The tool organizes both live and online training in one place. The custom domain is branded to each individual company and the employer developed training programs based off of group,  job type, and individual. Reporting allows easy follow up, certification of completion and usage of the modules.

Claims Portal

IOA has developed a proprietary claims management system which gives you the ability to manage your claims. Our claims reporting and tracking system also allows single entry for your OSHA logs. Our proprietary workflow engine establishes performance standards based on best practices to ensure that everyone is working together to reduce the cost of the claim. We can have our internal claims team monitor the claims to ensure all parties are staying on top of them.

Claims Advocacy

IOA’s all lines licensed adjusters assist our clients with the claims management process. They actively advocate for injured employees’ and employers’ best interests to help proactively manage the burdensome claims process.  Their goal is to empower employers through a claim event which will reduce cost, length of exposure, and explain the complex claim process.

Contact your IOA advocate to learn more about your RiskScore® and start the PX4 Process that drives results!

Group Benefits & 401(k)

It is a fact that healthier and happier employees perform better in the workplace. Providing great benefits at an affordable price for your business has never been more important. Let us help you stay compliant with government regulations along with attracting and retaining the best employees for your organization.

Our Services:

The Benefits Edge

What is the IOA Benefits Edge? We work with your team to provide a custom solution for your growing business. Our menu of services will help your team measure and improve your organization’s benefits based on your specific needs and goals.

Payroll Services

POA-LOGO_Final-transparentDid you know that outsourcing  Payroll, HR and Tax Filing adds efficiency and reduces
costs for your company? Use our “State of the Art” system which includes online/cloud benefits management, time-off tracking, web clocks and more. Be efficient. Be smart. Be more profitable by partnering with POA.

Personalized Customer Service

Our Customer Care Center is built around our clients. By working with our team members, you get the personal attention you need. Anytime you call POA, you will talk to a live person. You can count on us!

Time & Attendance

Reduce your COST OF LABOR one pay period at a time using our automated and affordable time & attendance devices. By eliminating the time that is required to manually total time card data, the cost of human error, and the large expense associated with employee time theft, our simple and affordable solution is an excellent investment for any company.

Human Resource Management System

Paperless HR Solutions offers a full beginning to end Human Resource Management System that allows employers to track, deliver, and access relevant data at the click of a mouse. Through a single system, an employer can distribute company documents, benefits and update payroll records eliminating double entry and fragmented systems.

Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation Program

This program allows you to pay your workers’ comp premiums through your payroll processing each pay period via electronic banking. This helps to avoid the year-end audit surprise that is commonly associated with traditional workers’ comp policies. It’s a very helpful budgeting tool.

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Print Solutions

Graphic Design, Corporate Identity – letterhead, business cards, brochures, direct mail, event printing, operation items. We treat our clients with integrity, respect and competitive fairness. We will design and produce your print media with the goal of helping you reach your brand identity and marketing goals pivotal to sustained success. We believe that quality work and superior customer service are the hallmarks for a long-term business relationship and forging a winning game plan together.

Marketing & Branding Solutions

Productivity & Efficiency Solutions

Enterprise Administrative Solutions

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Promotion & Brand Activation


What We Do.

We connect brands and people!

While that’s primarily through our core capabilities below, we are up for any challenge and have yet to meet a request we cannot accommodate.


From branded pens, portfolios and t-shirts to custom shaped umbrellas, other unique gifts and giveaways, we can create a complete line of corporate merchandise, apparel and promotional items to help your employees, customers and the general public connect with your brand on a personal level.


We partner with a number of professional sports teams to conceptualize and create custom game day giveaways such as t-shirts, hats, commemorative pins, custom bobble-heads, noisemakers and more. We also provide season ticket holder gifts, executive apparel and project fulfillment as needed.


While we place more than 88% of our orders through our network of 40 top suppliers in the United States, we maintain direct relationships with a number of trusted manufacturers in China, India and the Caribbean to offer our clients significant cost savings on large orders with complete customization options.


We partner with top web designers and developers to create custom websites that bring brands to life. Sales reporting, inventory, trending, order status, purchase history, SEO, mobile compatibility—all can be built in and tailored to your needs. Plus, you can set your security access, number of products offered, sales or incentives and more.


We provide fulfillment programs for organizations of all sizes. Whether it’s products we source and fulfill or retail products we store and ship on your behalf, we have the capabilities to meet your needs, including over 10,000 ft. of climate controlled warehouse space and dedicated staff to assist with product selection, order processing, dispute resolution and more.


Whether it’s conceptualizing original creative ideas or designing products utilizing existing brand standards, we strive for creative excellence with every project. From the beginning stages of idea formulating to completion, we have a team of creative specialists who oversee the entire production process, ensuring we deliver high-caliber creative on time and on budget.


Small scale. Large format. Specialty finishing. You name it, we can get it printed. We work closely with a select group of print partners to fulfill our clients’ printing needs. With over a decade of print buying and print procurement experience, we ensure our clients get the highest quality printing at the best prices from partners we know and trust.


  • Marketing Folders & Brochures
  • Graphic & Creative Design
  • Business Cards | Stationery
  • Banners | Signage
  • Flyers | Postcards
  • Newsletters | One-Sheets | Forms
  • …and much more!


Your brand and reputation, as well as ours, are on the line with every product we produce. Which is why we only work with reputable sources and vendors who have, and adhere to, strict safety standards. We have meticulous quality assurance and quality control measures in place to monitor and review product safety on an ongoing basis.

Our Process.


We can’t help your brand connect with others if we don’t connect with you ourselves. So our first priority is to get to know you better. We ask questions. We listen to answers. We gain a deep understanding of your brand, your objectives and your target audience. Then together, we come up with the best solution for connecting your brand with the right people. Once that solution is determined, we do what we do best— deliver. On time. On budget. And truly on another level than you’ll find with anyone else in our industry.

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