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In 2001, our first sports partnership agreement was formed with the Orlando Magic. This venture and first step into aligning ourselves with professional teams opened the door to create a proprietary program that offered a win-win scenario for both parties involved. “We like to do business with people who do business with us” was the concept that successfully positioned IOA to partner with organizations that saw the value of the solutions our organization provides. IOA provides an opportunity for sport teams to monetize some of their largest expense lines by doing business with an organization that will re-invest into the team through its marketing budget. Through leveraging these relationships, we were able to use valuable marketing assets like suites, signage and digital advertisement to increase awareness about the growing IOA brand. The transformative relationship moves beyond the normal transaction as the team and IOA become advocates of each other. Since then, we have not only tripled our size as an organization but also do business with more than fifty teams in the NFL, AFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, AHL, ECHL and collegiate space. To learn more information we encourage you reach out to Paul Garofolo, President of IOA Sport Partners.

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