I began my carrier as a Life Insurance Agent with American Income Life; stuck in a boiler room making calls, setting appointments, followed by days of appointments, some pretty scary neighborhoods, followed by many “door-knocks”.

Later, I joined HBA Insurance Group in Miami after obtaining my P&C License. I choose to remember the positive and value the experience I gained and some of the people I met. After about 4 years, HBA was sold to Brown & Brown and I was left with non-compete for most of south Florida.

By grace I was introduced to and met with John Ritenour. He saw past the fact that I had lost all my clients, my contacts and offered me an opportunity to join the IOA family. That was almost 10 years ago, but it seems like yesterday.

I have spent my career with the purpose of helping people by giving good, honest advise, acting with integrity, and following through with determination.

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