Landon has worked with Corporate Risk Management Services, previously in their administration department, and has kept many construction relationships over the years. After leaving a fortune 500 company where he developed OSHA safety plans, he enjoys working Insurance Office of America; a company that is faith-based and does the right thing for their clients, not just when convenient, but in every opportunity.

Landon previously worked for a large corporate OSHA and safety apparel company. He was very successful and obtained Presidents’ Club level status. He focused on partnering with companies to improve their image and operating costs. But after 4 years of the corporate grind, he decided to work with his father and mentor in the insurance industry.

Landon’s father, Gary, has been an insurance broker for almost 40 years. He shares Landon’s passion of helping clients make sure they are securely covered with the right policy, and contractual agreements. For the last 17 years, Gary has worked with Insurance Office of America, leading the Construction Practice Group for the East Coast. Landon is supporting his team, and focused on meeting clients who need a partner, not just another broker.



Masters Sport Business, A.A Finance


International Risk Management Institute- Construction

Charleston Contractors Association

Charleston Apartment Association